''Avikont'' Ltd. is the company that specialised on production of flight recoding and emergency control systems for civil aviation aircrafts and on earth equipment of computing the flight recordings. Products are supplied to aviation industries in differnt regions of the world.

      At our work we guided by flexiable individual approach to each and evry of our customers and we highly value them. This approach is based on high competence and proffesional qualification of our employees, majority of them are working at this area for more than 30 years.

      We spend greate share of attention to the quality of the products we produce. Our managment system is certified by ISO 9001:2008. The scope of our service is: MANUFACTURING, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND SALES OF FLIGHT RECORDING AND EMERGENCY CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR CIVIL AVIATION AIRCRAFTS AND ON EARTH EQUIPMENT OF COMPUTING THE FLIGHT RECORDINGS. We also can execute subcontracting works at the field of fine mechanics and electronics.

      Our clients are: Aircraft and helicopters buiding factories; aviation companies; companies of maintenece of the aviation equipment. The company does not have any dillers representations.